Art Journal 2016

As some of you may have noticed, I am working more and more on downloadable content for the Etsy shop. I really like the idea that you can receive something instantly, without paying extra fees and waiting for the delivery, and the public seem to have the same mind.




That’s one of the reasons why I also this year I decided to take the time to prepare a twelve months Art Journal. I keep on believing in this project, even if it may not be as well known as the coloring pages for adults, or some other trends like the creative agendas.
Well, I think that the Art Journal is much better than all the options I mentioned: because it is a coloring page AND an agenda, because your fantasy is guided by the atmosphere of the page, but there is still so much room for your personal interpretation.




I am not a big fan of adult coloring books, to be honest. I like the idea of drawing as a relaxation technique, and I strongly believe in it, but I don’t like how small is the space left to imagination and creativity. The same for the agendas: I checked most of them, and then felt like they would just make me move in a box.
So I came back to my Art Journal, and I am happy with my choice. I love to add details and colour, a little more every day. I like how drawing and writing mix up, how they melt one into the other. Writing a creative Journal means taking some minutes for me, every evening. And the result is always great.




Would you like to try, too? You can download the pages in a few seconds and get started right away. And don’t forget to share them with the hashtag #meetmyartjournal…
PS: you can read more about the other availabel Art Journal here.


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