Happy New Year (from Freiburg)

We’ve been waiting for it for so long, and finally the snow came for the new year. I felt a little bit sad, like I always feel, yesterday evening thinking that another year was over – especially this one. I grew up, I achieved so much. But 2017 showed up with such a beautiful light, that I forgot all melancholy.

I just want to share this beautiful day with you. Let me take you for a walk through Freiburg, and wish you a wonderful, wonderful year…

Your Art Journal 2017


Yes, I made it again.




Every year, since three years now, I’ve been drawing twelve pages for you to fill up with your thoughts and colors through the year.




A beautiful relaxing exercise that is much more than a diary, because it turns words into art, and much more than just a coloring page, because there’s all the space you need to make the Journal your very own.




Maybe you’ve been doing it regularly – a mum wrote me last year telling me that she’s been filling up the Art Journal ever since her daughter is born… it would be worth for me to take the time to draw it even if it were only for these two girls! – or maybe it is your first time. Give it a try, and you’ll tell me how it feels.




Proudly, this year I started to work on it earlier. My style got better, and I took care of including some of the themes that accompanied me in 2016: some pages are inspired to my kids’ favourites, like Snow White or the pirates; some are readings which meant so much to me this year, like the Wizard of OZ (rediscovered in New York thanks to the musical Wicked) or The Secret Garden of F. H. Burnett or the Book of Dragons of E. Nesbit or Peter Pan (I highly recommend the full version!); some drawings are inspired to Freiburg’s beautiful autumns, or are a funny tribute to Mexico.




Life is better if you have the chance to stop and think and write about it, and I really hope you do. Whatever your 2017 will be, whatever you will learn, whatever mistake or great joy will come, take some time to remember what is important to you, and where you’re going. And if it will be through the pages of the Art Journal, I will be really honoured.




Just a few more words: I still own the Art Journals of 2015 and 2016 of course, but they’re not purchasable anymore. If for some reason you need them feel free to contact me at silvia@mammabook.net.

The Art Journal 2017 is available as of today on Etsy and Folt Bolt.