November downloadable wallpaper

Inspiration always ‘happens’ to me. More than looking for something new to do, my problem is to organise a massive archive of idea, see that I don’t forget them, and eventually get them done. So, really easily: I begun to paint dragons because I found a stone which looked like oneand I just kept on doing it all over the summer.




In case you’ve been following Mammabook on other social medias than the blog – facebook, instagram, pinterest, and I’m indirectly also on twitter – you’ve definitely had the chance to see much of their ‘making’. Some of them already found a home, but even if I’m a bit a late I couldn’t give up the idea of dedicating a post my dragons.
I needed some kind for compromise, and I found one by melting the dragons with an old idea: preparing some downloadable backgrounds for your computers and phones. I thought it would be harder. I had a lot of fun, so if you like the idea I may even keeping on doing it in the next months…


So here are the available sizes (please let me know if you’re missing a size you need, or if you have any problem with the download):


What would you like next? I was thinking about the Little Prince for the calendar of December…