DIY Advent Calendar


We live in a society where it is so easy (and cheap) to get new stuff that often we can’t avoid to surrender and chose already-made things. This overload of stuff all around us make our efforts of creating something look vain, especially because nowadays we are all constantly late and running: why spend a whole afternoon baking your favourite cookies, when you can buy them in a second for a dollar? Why build a toy, when the premade ones are so cute? It applies to everything in our life: clothes, food, decorations, toys, tools.

In the last years I’ve been so shocked to see how marketing experts even invented Advent Calendars allowing kids to get a toy a day. I find them a little bit too much, and I have the feeling that it makes the all ‘waiting for Christmas thing’ less of a special day.

We need to do some resistance, at least a bit. Learn to wait, learn to let only special things live in our houses.


As I was a child, I used to build my own Advent Calendar, and I was so proud of it. I would take some used wrapping paper (my mom always kept it, and I do, too) and cut windows out of it. I would draw 24 or 25 little objects on another sheet, attach it, and hang it for everyone to see it. It was one of my special things.

That’s why, as my kids were old enough, I invited them to make their own Calendar. I draw for them a front page (this one), let them choose what they wanted to find every day. The Little One was three, the Mini One just one.

They had fun, so we made it again last year. And this year, since I am a better illustrator now, I decided to create a new winter drawing, more beautiful and with a lot of funny details. Who knows, in a year or two my kids will probably design their own cover, too.






You can also make it, if you like. You can print out the old one, use – why not – old wrapping paper like the little Silvia I used to be, or download the new version from one of my shops (it is available on Folt Bolt or Etsy), and decide to support my activity, at the same time.

The downloadable contents that I create are always cute and affordable – and you can do like I do, print Calendar, and toys, and planners and give them to people who are special to you. It is a small, unique gift. Sometimes I even ship my gift over sea with just one email. Isn’t it special?




This isn’t it. I have more ideas for your advent time, gift ideas and little threats. I promise that I will really do an effort to be here, on these pages, through this magic month of December.

A big hug.