DIY Doll Travel Bed

Most of the posts I don’t write right away get lost in some folders, with all their pictures, leaving me wondering where my time goes. But there are little things that I like to complete and talk about, it doesn’t matter how long ago I finished my project.

At least, I can tell you that my time was well invested. After two years that I made my kids’ doll travel bed, I can say that the toy is resistant, still looking good and interesting. I crocheted this bed (and a black version for my son’s bunny that is not in the pictures) in 2014, as I made also the House Bag – do you remember it?


The baby doll carrier is crocheted; I re-used the wool of an old sweater. If you need to buy your supplies, feltable knitting yarn is a great option.

To make the bag firmer, I fixed in it a little stuffed mattress made with quilted fabric. I made the pillow in the same way: sewed the fabric on four sides, leaving a little space for turning it inside out, then stuffed the pillow and closed the hole with hand stitching.

Most of my materials were rests of old projects – I am always happy when I can save, recycle, and make room at the same time!



If you would like to make a gift yourself, believe me: this is a great toy, and it is not difficult to make it. And kids know and appreciate a little something that was especially for them… it’s a great feeling to see their happiness!



If you like, here is a little list of more gift you can make yourself: