The Princess and the Pea


A customer, while buying a piece of my fairy tales collection, asked me how comes that I never painted the Princess and the Pea. It made me curious, so I decided to make it my next subject.
It occurred to me that I knew the story but I had never read it, so I documented myself. And well, the story is very short and tells nothing more than we commonly know: a royal family testing if the princess is a real one by hiding a pea under tones of matrasses.


The Princess and the Pea post 3


My first reaction was laughing: I told myself that the princess most likely didn’t have kids, or she would have slept even with a huge rock right under the pillow. And then: I don’t have much to complain about men, but still, I’ve been wondering how comes that the royal family celebrates finding a real princess, and no one asks her if she is ok with marrying the prince. Everyone is questioning is she’s good enough for him, but not if HE is good enough for her.


I mean, the guy seems awful: one of those typical boys who are rich because their dad is, showing off all the time and still having mama handling each and every serious matter. The princess should at least ask to get to know him during breakfast before taking a decision! Or even better: she should just excuse herself and refuse, because she definitely doesn’t want to have such a nosy and mean mother-in-law. How did she even dare inviting her to stay overnight and then making her sleep impossible?


The Princess and the Pea post 2


And then I put the story down, and got second toughs. I realised that yes – the story is cut short and is lacking some end – but that this is not the only part missing. Maybe the prince should be a bit more prudent. How comes that the princess is wandering out alone, at night, and shows up in such terrible conditions? I am telling you, and this makes much more sense than the original version: it wasn’t the fault of the pea, it was the hangover!

And since the royals are so superficial, they probably deserve everything that is coming…


The Princess and the Pea post 1


Ok, yes, that’s for the funny part. Still, let’s be honest, no one cares about the prince: we love the story because the princess gets to have a colourful bed with a pile of matrasses. We love the bed, we love the softness, we love the fabrics. It’s all about sleep and fashion. Back to our girly princess plans, without filters.


This explains my other version of the story: the princess is deeply sleeping and lets her beautiful hair falling down along a surrealistic high bed. There is no room, there is no roof – like in a famous kids’ song we love to sing in Italy. What’s better than falling asleep while looking at the stars? They even shine a bit, just like Rapunzels’ hair


The Princess and the Pea post 4


So which version do you like better: the classic sophisticated beauty, the woman with a strong will, the princess with a dark past, or the careless sleeper?


Raperonzolo – Rapunzel

Già, di nuovo lei. L’ho dipinta ancora, disegnata in bianco e nero, disegnata a colori. Sempre rigorosamente senza principe, circondata di rose rampicanti, in attesa. E lì sono poi rimasta, bloccata per giorni dai dolori alla schiena, senza riuscire davvero a
concludere qualcosa. Oggi sono contenta di star finalmente meglio e di essere riuscita a recuperare almeno un po’ del tempo perso, di aver completato la newsletter e essere finalmente qui a parlare con il mio diario online…




There she is again. I painted her again, I drew her in black and white, I even drew and painted her in colours. Always without a prince, surrounded by climbing roses, waiting. And there I stood, blocked for days because of strong back-pain, unable to really do something. Today I am so happy to be almost ok, so happy that I managed to catch up some of the time I lost, writing the newsletter and finally updating this online diary…