A walk though the Ancient Graveyard

I’ve been thinking for a long long time about writing a post dedicated to another beautiful place of the beautiful Freiburg (it’s been a year already since I wrote about the Waldmenschen, that’s not good) – but, since the topic might have been a little too creepy for some of you, I chose to invite you to the Ancient Cemetery just in time for Halloween.




Actually, the Old Graveyard in my eyes is more of an artistic garden than a creepy place. Of course, it depends on the weather and on your mood. Sometimes all you need is some uncontrolled nature blooming between the stones, and you can easily be the happiest person alive (hi hi hi), sometimes you will just enjoy the fog, and the death leaves floating into a dark fountain, and the stones decomposing after the corpses…
Yes, there’s pretty much room for every feeling, as long as all you need is silence, art, and nature. There’s no need to say that you need to be here alone, right?
The most famous inhabitant of the Cemetery is Caroline. All I knew before writing this post is that she will wake up if she doesn’t get fresh flowers every day. She was death at the age of seventeenth and I always though that someone must have loved her desperately to build her such a grave and make people believe that they’ll have to take care of her, forever. Now I know that the person who loved her so much was her sister.




In general I don’t know much about the guests of the Ancient Graveyard or, to be more precise, I don’t want to know about them. It must be so hard to understand for a scientific mind. The point is that knowing their stories would stop me from imagining their stories. I like to wonder here and imagine what could have happen, and I don’t care if it is the truth or not.
Maybe I’ll learn little by little, like I did with Caroline. Of course, I know for sure that poor people don’t get such a place to rest, but still I don’t need to know if they were bankers, when they died, and what they left. I just need to see a statue, and I know for sure that a mother was not that happy to leave this world…




Yes, that’ all I have to say about it. I don’t want to say more to not ruin your walk. I took some picture for you, just relax and enjoy. Have a happy Halloween.




A little last word about a tree, which felt in 1999. It wasn’t removed by the commune, because a fallen tree can still be alive. Well, it was. His roots are often the background of my pictures, and kids love to climb it… a story of rebirth in a place like this, isn’t it enchanting?