Summer Necklaces


When I was a child my favourite toys were all sorts of mini worlds that I could wear or put in my pockets. I felt like I had magic powers, being able to turn an open book, a piece of garden, or a simple shoe box into a dollhouse with my tiny objects and dolls. I always had a little secret with me hidden somewhere. There is no wonder I love to paint miniatures.


Summer Necklaces 2


This is maybe the reason why, when summer came, I though it would be funny to turn my favourite subjects into even smaller things, and make them wearable.

I painted even smaller homes, smaller dragons, smaller dolls. I like them so much.


Summer Necklaces 1


Summer Necklaces 3


Summer Necklaces cover


And talking about pendants, a nice customer even asked me for a wearable version of the Little Prince. Very poetic, isn’t it?


Summer Necklaces 4


Summer Necklaces 5


The prince has his fox friend on the back, while the other pendants show their original colour: some stones are naturally dotted, some gray, some beige. One way or another, they all tell a story… even when turned around.


Ps: while taking my pictures outside, I found out that an artist is living in the Ancient Graveyard! I’ll let you know if I ever meet him…


Summer Necklaces 6