DIY easy & elegant Cape


I like to organise my kids’ birthdays a lot in advance. This gives me the time to collect ideas, find the right things and even make some gift-costume-decoration by myself without stress.


DIY cape cover


The theme of my daughter’s first birthday party at home – she’s turning four today, but we still have a few days before the celebration – will be Snow White. We could have picked another princess, of course, but Sophie has short dark hairs, and mum found a beautiful tablecloth with small dwarfs last summer, so…


DIY cape 1


I always try to make a birthday a happy event for both my kids. That’s why my son also got a little gift today, and that’s why he will also have the chance to dress up at the party. Since I had plenty of time, and I was lucky, and I even felt brave this year, I bought a beautiful yellow fabric left over and tried to make Snow White’s skirt, and a cape for my little prince.


What I didn’t consider was that I do not know much about fabric and that, though this yellow satin (is it satin?!) really looks amazing, that *** thing would move and slide and change shape while I was trying to cut it. Somehow I succeed in making the skirt, but I really didn’t feel like going through the cutting process again to make my son’s cape.


Of course, I HAD to make it. And I found a really nice way to make my life less complicated… that’s how.


How to make a cape


First of all, fold the side of the fabric (it does not really matter if the shape is perfectly squared) IRON it well and sew it, like this you won’t need to serge that terribly sliding fabric. Repeat for all four sides.


DIY cape 3


Now knot two of the angles. This procedure is so COOL because it helps you to shape, shorten up, and change the size of your cape as you like with no effort at all. Play around, choose the right solution for you.


DIY cape 2


Now get one of these super cool buttons with a chain and fix it on the two sides, over the knots. Like this your prince will be able to open and close his cape. It looks really professional! If you can’t find the buttons, you can just make your own by fixing (and hiding) some rope or chain under one of the buttons.


Well, that’s it! My model Dino seems to like it a lot. We’ll see what my son will say…