Spring Fairies and Resolutions

I know everyone makes a resolution list in January or September, but I find a lot more useful to make mine when sun, flowers and fairies are coming out again. The days are longer, I feel more positive and I have tons of energy, so why not starting now? Give it a try, this is the season when making it real is a lot easier…


Spring Fairies and Resolutions


  • Make a Fairy Garden: my first and last was the one I made out of egg boxes. Ever since I’ve been wishing for a new one (with one of my fairy houses in it!) but it never seemed important enough to not be done sometimes later.
  • Grow something more than herbs: I do know that’s it is possible to grow a lot on a balcony. So finally I’m getting started with tomatoes and strawberries. If it works I may get braver and grow my own pumpkins by Halloween.
  • Get fitter: I am proud of myself, I’ve been working hard in these months and I’m eating a lot less, so I’m already thinner and I have no back-pains anymore. I just need to keep going…
  • Walk when I can’t train, and go to the local market at least once a week: fruits and veggies simply taste better than in the supermarket, and walking wakes up better than caffeine does.


Spring Fairies and Resolutions 2


  • Make gifts myself: of course there are some great things I will keep on buying – but I finally have a list of upcoming birthdays so that I can plan ahead and make something my self IF I want to. An handmade gift is worth a lot more, we all know that.
  • Focus on customer orders and work ahead: I’ve been working hard, and I consider now my Etsy shop full and ready for the upcoming warm season. It perfectly shows what I can do for you and what is my price range, so if you’re looking for something missing, just write me and I will be happy to help you. Now I have time to work ahead for the holidays, and finally bring my Dawanda page on the same level.
  • Blog more: I miss these pages, I miss sharing my experiments with you. I am still fixing my past posts since I moved the blog here to WordPress, and I find most of them so nice and interesting – I realize that it is a real pity that I lost track of some works I did in the past year! I don’t want it to happen again.
  • Say no & let go. All the goals I mentioned so far can be summed up as ‘stop postponing’ and by that I mean ‘stop postponing the things concerning YOU’ (because somehow when it’s not about me I always find time and energy). This last goal goes in the same direction: just keep in mind that you can’t do everything (and stop feeling guilty for that) and learn that you can’t solve (most of) other people problems (and stop feeling guilty for that).


Spring Fairies and Resolutions 3


I hope all this will lead me to deal with less stress, and to respect more my working schedule (that I keep on sacrifice for others!). I am convinced that this won’t make me a more-selfish-me, just a happier one – and that at the end this will be better for everyone.

Why writing my resolutions on a blog? Well, because I can find myself in other people’s resolutions, I find them always useful because they help me focusing things I didn’t have quite clear yet… doesn’t it happen to you, too?

And well, it’s also true that having them here makes them a lot more real…

The pictures in this post show my latest fairy house, which will pop up soon in my shops. It is the first time that I paint fairies on it, and I love it so much. A little red haired is flying with her magic wand, while the other one is meditating on a mushroom. In which part of the world will this little house end up to?