Inspirational Paths (around Freiburg)

This summer I made an unusual choice for me and my family, and I decided to spend (almost) all of our holiday time in the city. Thanks also to my wonderful friends, I set for discovering the surroundings on this amazing place I’m living in since two years now, and I must say that I found some really special places.


True is that I had (and still have) the kids home, but even if I really missed my alone painting time I must say that these weeks were for a me an amazing source of beauty and inspiration. There is no better than magic places, for someone who paints imaginary miniature worlds.


Inspirational Paths 1


A place that you should not miss for any reason in the world is the Zauberwald, in Barnau, in the Black Forest. A beautiful Magic Wood divided in different areas: you can wander through a welcoming fairy garden, and than find yourself into a dark witch wood, where the trees are high, and their roots tightly knotted to one another. There are big mushrooms, and animals hiding along the path, trees you can climb and wooden thrones and fairy houses.

Inspirational Paths 2

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Inspirational Paths 7


Less beautiful but also very exciting is the Wichtelpfad, in Feldberg, also in the Black Forest. Here you will have to help the Gnome Mailman to deliver a letter to the Capercaille Cock. There are stations all along the way, where you will see tree houses and lovely small figures. Every time you can find a new piece of the story in a wooden book, and will be given a little riddle to solve. And at the end, together with the bird, the kids will find also a beautiful play area to celebrate their accomplishments.

Inspirational Paths 10
Inspirational Paths 8

Inspirational Paths 9


I am so used to the sea that I naturally look for water every time I can. I still have to visit the main lakes around Freiburg, but I didn’t miss them so much because of all the time we spent at the river Dreisam. We stop every time in a different corner and explore it, and my friend Melanie and me this summer finally begun to rock balancing. I had seen and read so much about it, and we were so surprised to find out how funny it was.

Plus you know that stones have a special meaning to me, so it looked like a hobby who was waiting for me…


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Inspirational Paths 15


I am glad that I can find the time here and there to talk about Freiburg in this blog. I felt home so fast in here, and I keep on falling in love every day that passes by. There will be more chapters about it, I promise. In the meantime, in case you missed them, you may also want to read my posts about the Ancient Graveyard and the Waldmenschen. And I wish you a wonderful first step in the new September…