Free printable Christmas list

I really needed a Christmas list!
There are so many gifts I would like to do this year: some need to be made, some need to be bought, some will be sent and some will be given. But I wasn’t able to plan because I was keeping on forgetting this and that person…


Christmas Gifts cover 2


Write it down – I finally seem to learn it. And since the planners are working well for me, I decided to make a list my way, nice to see while hanging in the kitchen. You know every year I share a free Christmas content with you: so that’s my gift to you this time!
You can use it as a shopping list to remember what you need to buy, or give it to the kids so they can fill it up with their wishes for Santa (my son asked for three pages, shall I worry?). All you need to do is click here, download and print it out. Now take your pencils and have fun!
Here you can find more Christmas free downloadable contents:



And don’t forget your Art Journal to begin the year in the most creative way!