Pompon Bag (a free pattern)


While my sewing machine is trying to fall apart after ten years of duty, I am getting more and more interested in mixing up my skills. In particular I am enjoying so much creating kids accessories, the more I make the more ideas I get!

This time I have an adorable free pattern for you, a trendy pompon mini bag for girls – and for you! You can easily make it bigger (I’ll show you how) or just make the strap longer and use it in its original size: an handy small purse to carry around some money and the phone at beach or in the evenings…



So here’s what you’ll need:

  • Circa 40 gr of yarn in the weight you prefer (more if you want a bigger bag)
  • 4 size hook
  • Two fabric circles, with a diameter of 13 cm
  • A 18 cm long zipper
  • Yarn for the pompons
  • Wooden beads

…of course, if you choose a thicker kind of yarn, or opt for webbing or cord, you will need to use a bigger hook and will automatically get a bigger bag!


To make this bag you will also need to know how to (click the titles for the tutorial):

Now that you have everything, let’s see how to make the bag!



Pompon bag pattern:

These are the abbreviations I used in this tutorial:

  • MR: magic ring
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sc: simple crochet
  • inc: two simple crochet in one stitch
  • cr st: crab stitch

I recommend sewing the zipper to the circles before starting to crochet, like this you will be able to easily measure how much opening you will need on the top of the bag. Remember that you need to sew the sides of the zipper on the back of the fabric, like in this picture:



Round sides of the bag (make two):

  1. 6 st in MR
  2. 6 inc (12)
  3. *1 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (18)
  4. *2 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (24)
  5. *3 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (30)
  6. *4 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (36)
  7. *5 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (42)
  8. *6 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (48)
  9. *7 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (54)
  10. *8 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (60)
  11. *9 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (66)
  12. *10 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (72)
  13. *11 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (78)
  14. *12 sc + 1 inc* repeat six times (84)
  15. 1 sc + 1 sl st



You want a bigger bag? You can either use a bigger kind of yarn or other material, or just postpone step 15r and keep on growing: *13 sc + 1 inc*, *14 sc + 1 inc*, *15 sc + 1 inc*… it’s easy!

Now that you have the two sides of the bag you need to stitch them together using a crab stitch. Stitch around and stop to leave enough space for the zipper. Proceed with your crab stitch only on one side of the bag, then move to the other side (no need to cut the yarn and restart, do it all at once!) and crab stitch until you’re back at the starting point. Cut and fix the yarn.


How to make the strap:

Cut six (or more) long pieces of yarn, a few centimetres longer than the desired length. Braid the yarn and close it at the two ends with a knot. Level off the endings and fix the strap on the sides of the bag.



Finishing your bag:

Make six or more colourful pompons and fix them to the bag, I recommend using both thread and hot glue to make the decoration more resistant. Insert the lining in the bag and fix it all around on the two sides. You can use glue of course, but I recommend hand-stitching using a thread in a similar colour of the bag.



…and there you are, the bag is ready! I liked it so much I even made a full Mexican-style t-shirt and hairband for it! Maybe we can talk about it in our next tutorial?!