That’s me

I have always drawn: my school books and notebooks, and my drawers and my walls were always full of pictures.

Never really considering art the way I could make a living with, I studied and worked in different fields until the loneliness of motherhood abroad made me open a blog back in 2010. It was great. Writing online gave me the opportunity to tell my story and reflect, to experiment with various techniques, and to meet many wonderful creative women.

Year after year, the blog led to my shop, my books, and many inspiring collaborations.

I believe in art and slow production, and I personally take care of every aspect of my business: painting, photography, contact with the public. My creations are unique – even I could not reproduce them identically, which is why some artworks are booked before they even appear in the shop. I also do a lot of on-demand production, which I find very inspiring, and I’m honored to be chosen to create very personal little pieces of art…

…thank you for visiting!

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