Filippa and Vivace-Freiburg e. V.

In September 2020 I inherited the management of Filippa, the library of Vivace, Italian Cultural Center of Freiburg.

Vivace means Italian courses for children in the whole territory of Baden-Württemberg, but also cinema, concerts, music courses, book presentations, events, and creative laboratories… and even more, like family, for instance!

“Dante e Filippa”, premio speciale per l’illustrazione per l’infanzia, Società Dante Alighieri di Friburgo / ottobre 2021

Since 2020 I am supporting Vivace in its events, in social media managing, graphic support, with the running of the library, with my illustrations and my participation to their videos. To find out more about our work and activities, please visit our official website (the new website is coming out in July 2022!) or visit our Facebook page.

You can contact me at: