DIY Christmas Tree Brooch FREE crochet pattern and instructions



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…and it’s time to make brooches!



These brooches are perfect to decorate your clothes during the holidays and they make the most adorable little gift. I am using them a lot too as a part of the gift wrapping… so when the gift is open instead of throwing the packaging away you can actually use it!

This is the kind of tutorial I love because it’s very easy, you can make it your own way, and kids can be involved in the creation if you like. This project is absolutely wonderful to finish left-over yarn and spare buttons and pearls. Have a look in your drawers and free your imagination!





Left-over yarn, thread, buttons, pearls or whatever else you want to attach as a decoration to your tree. And then of course scissors, needles and wool needles, and some metal pins or safety pins to attach to the back. Maybe a tiny piece of felt and hot glue.





MG = magic ring [or in alternative ch2 and sc in the second stitch from hook]

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

rev sc = reverse single crochet

If you don’t know how to do the reverse single crochet (also called crab stitch) you can check this video.





R1: 6 sc in MG

R2: [1 inc + 1 sc] repeat three times (9)

R3: 9 sc

R4: [1 inc + 2 sc] repeat three times (12)

R5: 12 sc

R6: [1 inc + 3 sc] repeat three times (15)

R7-R8: 15 sc (two rounds)

Change color.

Fold the cone in two, sc in the last stitch on the left and stitch both sides together doing 6 rev sc. [Depending on the wool you’re using you may want to stitch two sc in the last stitch on the left and two rev sc in the last stitch on the right.]

Pull the thread through and hide the ending inside the tree.





Decorate the front as you like more. If you want the decorations to pop out you may want to use transparent thread.

When you’re ready with the tree, attach your pin to the back. If you’re using a safety pin I suggest using a piece of felt to make it more stable: cut off your shape, place hot glue in the center, and attach it together with the safety pin to the brooch. You can make it even more stable (and cute!) by stitching a buttonhole stitch around.





Well, you’re already done!


Isn’t it quick and easy? Now go on and make a lot of them!



I wish you a happy and colorful holiday time… and if you ever try one of my projects feel free to tag me or write me a message 😉


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