Le Oniriche: a story of dolls, stones, and dreams

There is a saying stating that you ‘don’t make friends, you recognize them’. The more I live, the more I can see how true
that is. You know that kind of people with whom you become friends in a really short time? Well, if you have the chance to work in such a open space like internet is, it may happen the same with your colleagues. Operating in a small room connected with the world gives you the chance to choose your team, to find your perfect match.
To be more precise it will probably happen, especially if your area is more ‘art’ than ‘handmade’, that you may find someone who shares your imaginative life: who gets inspired by the same sort of things and artists, who works in a similar way and shares your values, who produces unique things that sometimes you wish you would have made yourself. Someone who speaks directly to your heart and seems to know you, for this point of view, much more than anyone else.
I’ve been so lucky in this past year to be supported in my steps and in my growth by two wonderful ladies, with whom I created a small working group, Le Oniriche. We have a public Facebook page where we all share the things that we love, we always work assisted by the others even if we’re kilometers away, we share successes and failures, hopes and fears, and, moreover, we’ve been starting to create together.
While Gioconda and Alessia keep on working on their Giulietta, which should be ready at the beginning of 2016, together with
Pupillae we completed three projects over the summer
, working remotely and meeting twice in Italy in August. I guess it would have been difficult to do the same thing with someone else, but it all went smooth and easy, and we’re really proud of the outcome.
So let me tell you a few words about them. The first character wanted to be the perfect match for my dragons: the blue dragon was born first, then Gioconda created her fairy inspired by the worlds of Tolkien and Martin – do you remember the beautiful elf queen? And the mother of dragons? – and by different artworks inspired by pagan goddesses. I was glad she was so good at following the colours and the style of my painting. She always is. Seeing the doll taking shape in the hands of Gioconda, looking the way she touches it to prepare it for the photos, like a being with a soul, it’s a magic experience. I should have taken a video – for now just believe me: for Gioconda, her dolls are real.


Our first diorama was made over a weekend working together in the beautiful woods around Modena. We are really attracted by dioramas and this kind of representations, probably because we both have a lot to do with theatres, dolls and plays. The inspiration came from the stone you see hanging in the sky: it was a moon. So we decided to postpone our first idea (a
diorama inspired by Alice in Wonderland), and to bring into being a female Pierrot crying in front of a black starry night. I truly love it.
Since every diorama is meant to tell a story, like a play or like a book, we wrote on the box ‘Regarde-moi’… ‘Look at me’… are you ready to listen to my tale?
Alice was left out, but we’ve being dreaming about her for so long that we couldn’t just let go. That’s why conceived a combination similar to the one of the fairy, but in smaller size: a House of Cards held by Alice herself. Gioconda and me have both
a taste for creepy, that’s why Alice has this expression, and her thighs are striped in black and white. She’s not just a sweet child. The book itself is a tale of dreams, time, thinking and madness, and the characters are at the same time positive and bad like the ones we meet everyday in our life, so she can’t be one, she’s really not just a sweet child. Alice has a strong character, she gets sad and upset, she has hopes and fears. She’s much more than just a flat picture.
As I always do, I wish that our artworks will end up in the right hands. It is always such a great thing to work with Gioconda, but of course we will also need to see what will be the response of the public to decide in which way to move on. The ideas are always so many, and we’re fighting against the hours and our everyday lives to give birth to our dreams. But every single time I look of what we’ve done, I know deep inside of me that it can’t be wrong. We’re on the right path.